Care given by a Basic EMT that include the following services:

  • patient assessment;
  • AED defibrillation;
  • spinal and bone immobilization;airway management
  • bleeding control/shock management;
  • assisting in childbirth;
  • oxygen administration and other medications as approved by the State of Arizona.

Advanced Life Support

What We Do

Care given by a Paramedic that includes all elements of basic life support and the following services:

  • advanced airway management (ETT, surgical airway);
  • cardiac monitoring (12 lead), defibrillation, pacing and cardioversion;
  • medication administration and IV infusion as approved by the State of Arizona, and;
  • ACLS, PALS, and NRP.

Sacred mountain medical services, inc. 

Care given by a Paramedic and/or Registered Nurse to a critically ill patient who needs to be transported to a higher level hospital facility.  The level of care requires a provider with special skill and training, including the necessary equipment to handle the transport.

We are embarking on providing this level of service for our local hospitals and the community.

Critical Care

Basic Life Support

Sacred Mountain Medical Services, Inc. currently provides Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation with inter-facility transport needs, including back-up 911 ambulance service for the Navajo Nation Emergency Medical Services.   And provides NGS Retirement Project EMT services during their project with on sight first response and ambulance services.

Not only can we help you with your ambulance transport needs, but also with your special event, such as a rodeo, concert or 5k run.  

We provide both Basic Life Support (Emergency Medical Technician) and Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) care with a modern well equipped ambulance fleet and a full complement of Arizona and Nationally certified emergency medical personnel to meet your needs. 

As a Navajo owned and operated company, we have ties to these communities and feel that no other ambulance company has the desire to serve and care for the People like we can.   We have a proven track record for interfacility transportation and 911 responses across the northwest regions of the Navajo Nation, and are proud and honored to service these areas.