Thank you for your interest in employment with Sacred Mountain Medical Services (SMMS).  We are an energetic and future oriented Navajo owned and operated ambulance provider operating on the Navajo Nation in Tuba City, Kayenta and the Four Corners region, with expansion projects in the works.

SMMS has provided emergent and non-emergent ambulance service for over 12 years to Navajo Nation communities. We strive to take care of our employees, maintain our working relationships with hospitals and other public safety departments, and bring the best care possible to our patients.  

Benefits to working with SMMS include:

  • Differential SMMS Holiday pay
  • Flexible schedule
  • Uniform allowance (full time staff)
  • Competitive wages
  • Overtime (after 40 hours)
  • Education assistance (full time staff)
  • Health & Dental Plan (full-time staff)
  • Beautiful scenery and close to National and Tribal Parks (Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Canyon DeChelly and Zion)
  • EMTs can function to their full scope (IV, supraglottic airways, medication administration, etc.)

Current Job Opportunities
Click on the position to download information regarding the position.  Click here for a SMMS application.

EMS Field Supervisor
The EMS Field Supervisor position exist to assist in the process of providing patient care and to oversee scheduling, assignments, outside agency relations, management functions and tasks as assigned, as well as other daily activities essential to the operations. The primary objective of the Field Supervisor is to provide smooth and effective supervision of the daily assignments and activities of the operation. Minimum qualifications include an EMT license and 5 years’ supervisory experience. The ideal candidate will be a licensed paramedic with experience in EMS management and leadership.

EMTs and Paramedics
Responsible for the direct care and transportation of sick and injured patients to hospital. Applicants must have an Arizona license and National Registry certification, and possess all necessary certifications for their level (i.e. BLS, ACLS, PALS, ITLS/ATLS, etc.).

Are you ready to elevate your EMS career?
Start the process today by applying to become a SMMS Paramedic or EMT.  Interested in a visit?  Give us a call at (928) 283-8243, or send us an email to,and we would be happy to set a time to show you around our Company and the community.

Employment Opportunities

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